My Happy List #3

Another one? Happy again? Well, as it turns out, when you sit down and think “what made me happy this week?” instead of dwelling on what was wrong, there is quite a lot to be happy about. This week is half-term for us. Which I always kind of dread. I know that sounds awful, but, The Boy can be hard work. He isn’t naughty as such, in fact he can be very helpful. But he is silly. And loud. So very loud.

It seems odd now, that a week seems like such a challenge, when just over a year ago, he was here all the time. Although, The Girl was born just after he started school, so I’ve never had 2 here at the same time. How on earth do you parents of 2 with a smaller age gap cope? Anyway, the week has gone surprisingly well, and here is what I’ve been particularly happy about.


The New Computer Still Rocks

In last week’s happy list, I mentioned (raved about) my new laptop. We’ll, it’s still absolutely awesome, and I love it. I have named him Macgyver. Because I am one of those lunatics that name inanimate objects…and says thank you to cash machines.


Blog Growth

My blog is still relatively new (5 months?!) and very small compared to some. But, for the first few months, most of my visitors came from social media referrals, my mom, or my mother in law. Since Christmas I’ve had a massive natural growth. Just by writing consistently, and carrying on, I’m getting found a lot more through search engines, and not by me pushing myself on people. I mean, it’s still nowhere near what some bloggers get, but it’s moving in the right direction, and this makes me exceptionally happy.

In other blog news, I’ve this week booked tickets for BlogOn in Manchester, which is my first blog event. I’m a proper grown up blogger, going to a conference! I’m ridiculously excited, and can’t wait to actually meet some of my bloggy friends.

The Big Age Gap

It’s not enormous. The Boy is 6, and The Girl is 1. In a way, I worry that they’ll never be great friends. Or it upsets me that it’s a much longer time before I’m allowed out again. But, it can be really good. The Boy can be very helpful. When we’re out and about, he keeps her happy, and I never really need to worry about him having a tantrum, he just helps. He’s quite good around the house too. He tidies up for me, and helps me put washing away. Just little things, but he does them happily. When I’m working, he’ll happily go play in his room, or sit next to me watching a film.

Free Days Out

This week, we visited The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. We’ve been a few times, and Hunky Husband and The Boy both love it. Then, if I’m good, I’m allowed to do some Leeds shopping! There isn’t anything better than a free day out.

Toilet Roll Tubes

We do a lot of toilet roll tube crafting. There isn’t much you can’t make. During a busy half-term week, a day at home crafting makes a nice change, and is something we don’t always have time for when he’s at school.

toilet roll tube robots


The Boy, doesn’t often get full days with Hunky Husband, as he doesn’t get weekends off. They rarely even get to eat meals together. So, it was really nice over half-term to all get 2 days together.


The first 2 weeks of February were incredibly quiet for me work wise. As a freelancer, there is always a risk that the work just won’t come. But, up until now, it’s just been a quiet day or 2. So for the first time, I had some doubts. I worried that I’d made the wrong decisions. Then it picked up again and everything was fine!


I’m going to hopefully put this in every week until it happens!

Two Tiny Hands

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