My Happy List #2

I said I wasn’t going to do this every week, because I’m not that cheerful. But, you know what? I’ve had another really good week, and I like this having a positive outlook. I’m not sunny, or cheery, I’m a bit dark, and…honest. But, I am happy, I am positive, and I have a lovely life. This week, I am happy about…



My laptop has died the death in the last week. Despite my best attempts. So, I’ve gone mac! I’ve had an iPhone for a few years now, and would never go back, but I’ve never felt able to justify a mac before. Now I work online, and use it a lot, the time has come. Goodness me it’s beautiful. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I love it more than the children (jokes…maybe!). I’ve been very surprised at how easy the transition has been. It’s so nice to use, aside from them feeling the need to hide the delete button, and the #, it’s a joy to use. Especially those cute little clicks it makes when I type.


blueberry and vanilla cheesecake

There’s been a lot of cake this week. Between the boy’s birthday, and the cheesecake I made for valentine’s day. I love cake


winter walk

In the warmer months, me and hunky husband go for lots of nice long walks. Sheffield is lovely for walking (apart from all the ridiculously large hills, honestly, might as well be Everest!) and I enjoy getting out of the house together. I think you chat more, when you’re relaxed, and away from home. We aren’t as good in winter, at all. This week we went for our first big walk in months. We went around rother valley (big lake), and it was absolutely lovely. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it

Toddler Noises

toddler talking

She’s so incredibly chatty now. Always chattering away to herself. And, sometimes making her meaning clear. I love it. It’s just such a lovely sound. I’ll miss her toddler chatting when real words start to emerge.

Growing Up

The Boy does this thing, when he has a birthday, where he changes suddenly, and says “it’s because I’m…”. This week he has announced that now he’s six, he goes to men’s toilets on his own when we are out. I’m not at all ready for this, but he apparently is. I think I’ll let him when we are in quiet places I know, then the rest of the time, he can have his own cubicle in the ladies, with me next door. He has also announced that now he’s six he doesn’t need a night light. It’s funny as we get older, we never feel different, but for him so much seems to change.


Joining up to linky’s has become a big part of my blogging journey. It’s a great way to read other blogs, “meet” other bloggers, and get more exposure. There are some lovely little communities out there. I have a handful that I join every week. This week, I missed #marvmondays with my dead PC, and #coolmumclub is having a half term break. I hadn’t realised how big a part of my routine it had become, but I felt lost without them. So big thanks to all you linky hosters!

What’s everyone else happy about this week?


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6 thoughts on “My Happy List #2”

  • Ooh my laptop literally died last night and I had to take the battery out entirely – so I’m also planning to go mac! The pricetag is still paining me, so it’s good to see how much you’re liking yours! #coolmumclub

  • Oooh Techno-envy! I got a new laptop last year and just having one that actually worked was BLISS!
    Love that #coolmumclub got a mention – it’s so nice to think that the work that goes into running a linky is worth all the effort, thank you xxx
    And, of course, thanks for linking! MWAH x

  • I have had a new laptop too. I kept telling hubby I couldn’t justify it and that I would manage on my ipad. Oh dear. Formatting blog posts on an ipad does not work, especially when said ipad has consistant security recommendation issues and won’t connect to wifi.

    DadiSkilts treated me and I have gone old school though and have a lush 13″ Toshiba. How on earth I was managing on my ipad I will never know.

    Thank you for a lovely post with amazing photos.

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