My Happy List #17

We’ve had an outstanding few weeks. We’ve all currently got colds, and I’ve got absolutely loads to catch up on. But, well worth it! We haven’t done anything huge, but generally, life’s been fantastic. Here’s what’s been making me happy!


I’m not a big money lover. I mean, it’s nice to have some, but I don’t need loads, I’ve got simple tastes. And I certainly don’t think it’s the most important thing in the world. Over the last year, me and Husband have both took pretty significant pay cuts so we can spend more time together and have jobs we like. Money has never been a priority for us.

That said, we have had times where we’ve struggled financially. So, when we have got a bit, we appreciate it. After a year of being self-employed, the week before last for the first time I earned a full-time income from home. A minimum wage full-time income, which all went the week after because I don’t get holiday pay. But, I’m very proud of this achievement.


I love food. We’ve been trying lots of soups and new fakeaways and really enjoying autumn flavours. We’ve also eaten out quite a bit.

Time Off

As I mentioned, I had a week off. In all honesty, I haven’t had a week off since my maternity leave ended last September. It’s been 14 months since I had a full week off. I won’t lie, I did the odd blog bit, but very casually and with no pressure. I had a week off, and it was incredible! Not just that, husband had the same week off! We get more time together now, with our current jobs, than we ever have before. But still having a whole week off together is very rare and it was fantastic!


At the end of our week off, we deposited the kids with my mum and went to York for two nights on our own! We failed to have a big night out, but we went to lots of shops and pubs, an art gallery and generally had a fantastic time doing things in our own time. Last year for our anniversary we managed one night in Birmingham. This year, we had two nights in York. Next year we’re thinking Four nights in Iceland!


We love Ikea. It’s amazing. The opening of Sheffield Ikea is something we’ve been eagerly waiting for about four years. It’s finally here. To be honest, I don’t like the layout as much as Nottingham (the only other Ikea I’ve been too). But it’s still fantastic! We’ve been twice in the last two weeks and both times come back with something that’s made life better.

Oh, and there’s the meatballs. I can see an Ikea date becoming a regular thing.


I’ve joined the gym!! Since summer I’ve been yo-yo dieting hugely. I lose 5lbs. Put it straight back on, and so on. I’m awful at it. Because I don’t enjoy it. I love cooking, and I love food. Dieting makes me miserable.

I do however enjoy exercise. I used to go to the gym before I had the kids. Then, recently I’ve been going swimming every week while Bobsy is at the childminders. So, I thought “what the hell, if I swim once a week I might as well join” it works out at £1 a month more than paying to swim four times a month. I love it though. I can’t see any difference yet, but I feel great.


I realise Christmas is still a very long way off. And, while I do love it, I’m not a crazy Christmas person. I don’t start my shopping until after Bobsy and Husband’s birthday in November. But, over the last week, I’ve had a few festive experiences. We went to Wentworth Garden Centre last week, they have the most amazing Christmas shop. Then, while we were in York there were a few shops filled with decorations. It’s too early, but I loved looking around.

This week is half term, but by the time The Boy gets back from Mum’s, we only had one day until he went to his Dad’s. So, it hasn’t really affected me. Next week life goes back to normal. But hopefully still fantastic!

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