My Happy List #11

As I write this, I’m feeling a bit, blah and not that happy. Not sad as such, just a little bit like I don’t know what to do with myself. The kids are out for the day, Husband is at work and I’m sat here on my own. I’ve done some housework and been to the shop, but now I feel a little lost. Usually, I try to plan kidless days for when I’ve got a lot of work on. But it’s been a slow week. This always worries me, even after a few days of not working much I start to feel a bit like a failure and must remind myself that it has always picked up again in the past and it’s the downside of freelancing.

We’re also not sleeping particularly well. After settling in her bed remarkably well, Bobsy suddenly decided she hated it. So, while things are improving, there are hours spent trying to coax her back in in the middle of the night and one of us is normally up with her at 5 am.

I should, obviously, use this time to rest. But, that feels a bit of a waste. So, I’m blogging. Then, I may lie down and watch a DVD before everyone gets home. There may even be a biscuit!

Despite my current mood, it’s been a nice few weeks. Here has what’s been making me happy.



I’ve had the car for I think 3 weeks now. To start with I was incredibly nervous but I’ve settled now and feel much more confident. For the first few weeks, I was only driving when I absolutely had to. But, since The Boy finished school, I’ve been forcing myself to go out and I’ve been really enjoying it.

I love the freedom it gives us. We don’t have to spend hours planning and give ourselves hours to get anywhere. We can just jump in the car. I drove home from Scarborough on Sunday, which included motorway driving for the first time. It was great!


We’ve been in our house for 4 weeks now. Which has gone so fast. While there are still a few things to do, it’s all feeling very normal and settled.


I love the sun. But, I feel I must apologise to the world. Every time I go near the car, it rains. On one hand, this makes me glad I’ve got a car and I’m not walking. But, it’d be lovely to do some sunny driving instead of trying to navigate wet, slippery tram tracks all the time.



Our Vacuum cleaner died last week. It’s been on its last legs for a while. But it finally bit the bullet. For a week, while we were still paying final bills on the flat, we had to cope. I’ve been dustpan and brushing the carpet. This is unbelievably depressing! Yesterday, we finally ordered a new one. And, it’s cordless. It must be a sign of age when you get so excited about an appliance!


They’ve both had moments of rather exceptional cuteness! The Bobsy was changing her teddy’s nappy the other day. With such care and concentration, I nearly cried!

changing jelly's nappy

And The Boy! Well!! His school report made me cry, it was amazing. Then, I cried when he went on his school trip. He just looked so grown up! Then, the other night he came down from reading in bed to tell us all he’d learnt about sharks and said “mum, can we go to the library so I can find a book on endangered species so we can write a non-fiction book of our own?”


They are sods, quite regularly. But, they’re also extremely lovely and smart!


In Sheffield, we are super lucky to have many fantastic parks and great places to visit. This week we’ve been to Graves Park and Rother Valley. Just for a walk and a play. It’s got us out of the house without costing a penny!

picnic happy

swing happy


My best friend and I went for a spa day yesterday and a Bannatyne’s health club. We had such a nice day. We had a massage, used all the facilities, including the gym, which I surprised myself by really enjoying and had cake. It was a great day out and one we should try to repeat soon.

spa happy

We’ve also survived week one of six. Which is always something to celebrate!


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