My Happy List #10

Well, that was a busy few weeks. You may remember in my last happy list I mentioned we were moving house? Well, since then, we haven’t stopped! I’ve also had a horrible cold the last week (starting on moving day, obviously!) and had to clean our old flat. I’ve hit that wall where you feel tired when you wake up. A feeling all parents have knowledge of I’m sure! But, it’s been fantastic! So, here is what’s making me happy this week.

Our New House

It’s not perfect, there are bits I’d happily change, and the kitchen cupboards smell a bit funny, but it’s my little house and I love it. We’re safe, happy and it’s already starting to look nice and homely. The only real problem is that we’re still paying rent and bills for 2 homes, but that will all be done soon too.

new house happy

Our Family

Husband’s parents got home from France to lots and lots to do. We couldn’t have done it without them. From buying us bits we needed, helping to carry the furniture and looking after The Bobsy so we could get more done. A lot of help was needed. My parents were on holiday during the move, but have visited this weekend, bringing the kids lots of garden fun and my mum’s always on the end of the phone when I need a good moan!


I’ve always pretty much moved everything in one day. So, while we did move most of the big stuff on “van day” we had got quite a lot done before hand. We’d also already cleaned the house. This made things much easier and is definitely the way to do it.

Bobsy and The Boy

The kids have settled so well. You’d think we’d lived here for months. I was planning on leaving Bobsy in her cot until she settled, but the first night here she slept normally. I’m so proud of how well they’ve both coped with such a huge change!

kids happy


Being able to hang washing outside is wonderful! As is playing in the yard with the kids or just having the windows open while we are cleaning and sorting things. I love summer. I may have mentioned it before.

happy sunshine


I can’t seem to stop eating pasta at the moment. I’ve been trying different sauces and combinations and loving them all. Pasta has always been one of my favourites and I’ve enjoyed some fantastic comforting meals while everything else has been crazy!

pasta happy

So, that’s what’s been making me happy. Over the next week or so we’re hoping to explore our new area more, check out some groups and the parks and just settle in so I’m sure they’ll be lots to make me happy in the coming days.


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