My Favourite Toastie Fillings!

Toasties are perhaps one of my favourite things in the whole world. I love yummy pasta dishes, and fantastic fakeaways, I enjoy trying new meals and experimenting with different ingredients and flavours. But, you know what, nothing beats a toastie. Expect perhaps turkey dinosaurs and chips.

My toastie love started in high school. The sixth form to be specific. I’d had toasties before this, but they’d always been cheese and tomato based! Then, when I was in the sixth form, and we were allowed out occasionally, we found this little café that used to do the most amazing range of toasties that we’d take back up to school. They shut down after a while, so we started experimenting at home!

Then, I moved out and went to Uni and toasties made up a significant portion of my diet. Those days when a good meal was a frozen pie, smash and peas! Toasties were a highlight. Mars bars kinda work, as long as you slice them quite thinly. Smarties, however, were a disappointment.

So, as you can see, I’m an experienced toastie eater. Over the years I’ve built up a collection of favourites. Here’s a look at them.

Cheese and Bean

The cheese and bean toastie was the first thing I tried that wasn’t a normal cold sandwich filling. It changed everything. Hot food in a toastie? It was the start of something very special. The cheese mixes with the beans perfectly as the toastie heats up to create a yummy and very messy meal. I recommend putting a bit of kitchen roll under the machine to catch all of these bean goo that’s sure to escape.

Egg and Bean

This was the next obvious step. Your first thought may be to scramble the egg. But no, I favour a fried egg style. You have to be careful to press the bread down into the machine to create two big depressions; then when you crack the egg, it won’t just slide off the bread…this mistake was made! Then, sprinkle on a few beans, add the top layer of bread and toast.

You have to time this one just right. Not long enough and you’ll have bits of raw egg, too long and your yolk will solidify, and I like a runny yolk!

Ham Cheese and Tomato

The number of times I’ve burned my tongue on the tomato from a Ham, cheese and tomato toasty! Honestly, every time. Same with a pot noodle. I never learn! I love this one though, with some mayo on the side to dip the crusts in.

Nutella and Banana

For something a little sweeter, Nutella spread on the bread, with a banana sliced on top. I really love warm banana anyway, but this bit of chocolate makes this the perfect treat.

Apple Pie

Buttered bread, topped with sliced apple, raisins and a little sprinkle of nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar. Simply gorgeous!

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