Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash Online

We’ve all needed a little extra money at some point in our lives. Whether it’s to save for something big or to pay for that week’s food shopping, most of us have been there. Nowadays, we often turn to the internet.

My mission to try to make money online came when I decided to quit work after having Robyn. I’d gone back after maternity leave to find that their idea of flexible working wasn’t quite the same as mine. I could have fought it, but I didn’t love the job that much in truth and having one kid in school, another with a childminder and a husband that was at work all of the time was always going to make working out of the home difficult. I was only working 16 hours a week, so didn’t need to earn millions to make working at home, online, a viable alternative.

At the moment, I earn a little from my blog, but this is a bonus really. My main income comes as a freelance writer, writing for other people. Ideally one day, I’d like my blog to be all that I need to do. But, for now, I’m just glad I’m a long way from those first few months of trying to make little bits of money from a variety of sources. That said, however, I’m glad I was able to. It gave me the chance to work from home, save on childcare, spend more time with the kids, and eventually find something that I love doing. So, if you are looking to make money online, whether it’s just a little extra or enough to give up a job, here’s a look at a few ways that you can do it.

Gaming and Surveys

There are plenty of digital games to try which give you a chance to make money. Some are of course a gamble, which should always be done responsibly. Other’s aren’t. You can literally just get paid to play. Online survey sites often pay a small amount to get your opinions. The earnings here can be tiny, but if you do enough, it soon adds up.


Blogging isn’t a quick fix. A lot of us go into it thinking we’ll earn a fortune and get millions of views straight away. You won’t. But, if you are willing to put the work in, you can start to make a little extra cash quite quickly. The more work you put in, the higher your earning potential.


If you want to make a career from nothing, or just have a few spare hours here and there, freelancing is a fantastic way to make money online. I’ve been doing it for nearly two years now and love it most of the time. You could work as a freelance writer or web designer, as a VA or social media manager or as an editor or photographer. Many companies are looking to outsource work to freelancers, especially those that work online. Think about your skills and what you’ve got to offer.

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