Easy Mother’s Day Meal Ideas

Mother’s Day is already just around the corner and whether your family likes to go big with presents, cards and treats, or you prefer a more subtle way to mark the day, it’s a nice chance to celebrate your mum. To show her that you care. In our house, the very best way to mark any occasion is with food.

Easy Mother's Day meal ideas to treat your mum

This can be even more true on Mother’s Day if it’s usually mum that’s in the kitchen cooking up a feast and then back washing up afterwards. But, at the same time you might not want to try anything complicated for fancy for the first time. I know that for me, it’s the simple classics that I love the most. Here are some fabulous Mother’s Day Meal Ideas.

Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? If you’ve got young kids at home and you are looking for a way to make the day special for their mum, nothing beats a lie in and a nice breakfast in bed. What you decide to cook might depend on what you are doing (and eating) for the rest of the day. But, pancakes, a full English, eggs and even just cereal and toast with a cup of coffee can be great if it’s in bed and made by someone else. Just don’t forget the lie in bit.

The Perfect Picnic

Mother's Day Picnic
Maybe put a coat on mind!

Mother’s Day is a bit hit and miss for anything outdoors. It might be a lovely sunny day, it might snow. Who knows? But, if it is a nice day, a lovely family picnic in the park can be ideal. Some simple sandwiches, sausage rolls, fruit and cake are all that you need to make a lovely picnic. Most things taste better outside in the sunshine after all. Just don’t forget some change for the ice cream van.

Roast Dinner

It’d be roast beef for me I think, with big Yorkshire puddings. But to be honest I love all of the traditional roast meats, and we have Yorkshire puddings with all of them. I love sitting down with the family for a big filling roast.

A Fabulous Fakeaway

If you’re not a roast kind of family, or you do that every Sunday and fancy a change then a fakeaway can be ideal. Have a go at your favourite curry, make homemade pizzas with the kids, or try a stir fry.

A Classic Victoria Sponge

This is the first cake that I learnt to make, and all the cakes that I make now are basically just variations on this simple classic. A Victoria sponge well done, with a cup of tea is the perfect afternoon treat. Do you fill it with cream or buttercream? For a change, why not try mascarpone and lemon curd instead of jam and cream?

Some Chocolatey Indulgence

If she can’t pig out on chocolate on Mother’s Day, when can she? Chocolate brownies, cheesecake and cake are all a perfect way to end the day. Just don’t make her do the washing up. If you want to get the kids involved, a simple fridge cake could be perfect.

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