Designer Secrets: 4 Killer Ways To Texturise Your Home

There are lots of popular design trends in 2017, but none more so than adding texture. Of course, every home has texture because every item has its own consistency. For example, smooth is a quality which adds a different element. However, in this case, we’re talking about making your home cosier and more relaxing. To do that, it is essential you get the right textures in place throughout the whole of the property. If you don’t know where to begin, you have come to the right place. Here is a selection of designer secrets every homeowner must know.


Use Fabric Furniture

Leather looks smoother and cleaner, but it isn’t as warm. Even the material is cold to the touch, which is not what you want on a cold winter’s morning. Thankfully, David Gundry furniture and a host of other designers are on hand to help. The key is to use a fabric which adds an element of contrast throughout the house. For instance, if the walls are smooth and glossy, opt for a rugged sofa or armchair that has a rougher and harsher style. That way, the two different fashions should complement each other perfectly.

Texture With Textiles

Once you pick out the furniture, it’s time to accessorise. One thing the majority of designers will say is that no furnishings should be bare and nude. In their opinion, it is a missed opportunity, especially when you have textiles to hand. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to chuck throw pillows onto the sofa, armchair and mattresses. This works the best on beds when the sheets are silky and sleek for contrast purposes. Also, don’t forget the more abstract pieces, such as the dining room table and the coffee table. A simple tablecloth is a basic yet elegant solution to rough them up around the edges.


Four To The Floor

The floor probably has the biggest surface area in the whole property. Apart from the walls and ceilings, there are no other competitors. However, the fashion today is to install hardwood flooring to make the floors shine and pop. Plus, they are easier to clean. But, using hardwood or faux wood throughout the house is a big mistake if you care about texture. Instead, you need to consider mixing oak and laminate with carpet to make the area appear softer. Or, if you can’t be bothered tearing the floors up, use rugs as a cheaper and simpler option. As a rule, you don’t need more than four in one room.


Decorate With Plants

Bringing the outside inside might seem like crazy, but it has its advantages. Of course, there is no way to replicate plants and flowers than using real ones, even if the fake options are getting better. Plus, they purify the air and make the house cleaner. So, adding a few houseplants in every room from the bathroom to the kitchen is a no-brainer. Whatever you choose is a personal decision, but Peace Lilies are a great addition because they are hassle-free.

Instead of wishing your house had more texture, use these tips to make your dream a reality.

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