Our Day at the Tropical Butterfly House

I was my birthday recently. 31, I’m not entirely sure how this has happened to me. Surely, I was 19 a few months ago? Anyway, for my birthday, we normally go to Whitby for the day. I’d never been until Husband took me for my birthday one year and it’s become our lovely birthday tradition. We have fish and chips, I chose a present for Husband to buy me, it’s brilliant.

However, this year the weather forecast for Whitby was awful. We were tempted to go anyway but it’s quite a long drive for a rainy day so we tried to think of something else. The forecast for Sheffield wasn’t as bad so we decided to stay local and go to The Tropical Butterfly House.

The Tropical Butterfly House

Me, Husband and The Boy have been a few times. But not for a few years and The Bobsy has never been. The Boy has always really enjoyed looking at and feeding the animals so I knew now that Bobsy is starting to walk around and take an interest in things she would love it too.

the tropical butterfly house

The Park is located somewhere in Sheffield. I couldn’t tell you where I’m terrible at geography. But it’s easy to get to in the car. At the time of our visit, it was £11 for adults, £10 for children and free for under 2’s. You can also buy a range of feed for the different animals. We got a bundle for £3.50 so we could feed everything. They also give you a little info sheet so you know which animals get what food.


I think what I love most about The Tropical Butterfly House is that in some parts you literally get to walk with the animals. At one point, we just happened upon a wallaby and a lemur came to sit on my shoulder rather unexpectedly.


animal butterfly house

The Animals

There’s plenty to see. The meerkats are the kids favourite as they stand-up and look at you as you feed them. They are quite lovely to look at. I love the lemurs and Husband likes looking at all the different owls and birds.

red lemur

There’s a small animal bit, with guinea pigs you can stroke which The Boy enjoyed as he’s in that “mummy can I have a pet?” phase.

We also saw fish, goats, peacocks, otters and many more. All of which are exceptionally friendly and will come right up to you.

animals butterfly house

With a name like The Tropical Butterfly House, you may be wondering where all the butterflies are. Well, there is an amazing indoor tropical area. Home to butterflies, turtles, fish, birds, lizard, snakes and alligators. Obviously, some of these creatures are kept in tanks, but the butterflies are free to fly around. There are many beautiful different kinds of multiple colours and sizes. In this area, there is a buggy park, so we all left our coats with the stroller and let Bobsy have a walk around. She loved it.


Other Activities

The best thing about the butterfly house, it that there’s more to it than the animal bits. As well as getting to walk around, there are talks and activities throughout the day. But, there’s other totally un animal related stuff too. Which helps to keep the kids entertained. Some of these extra’s change throughout the year. At the moment, there are dinosaurs dotted around so you can do a dinosaur hunt but also fairy gardens and witches huts to explore. The Boy had fun having a go on some bongo drums during our visit.

drums butterfly house

There are also a few separate playgrounds for different age groups, a football field and a small water playground. It was a bit chilly for that this time, but in the past, The Boy has had loads of fun playing in the water.

playing outside

toddler area butterfly house

butterfly house outdoor park

The Facilities

There are plenty of well-maintained toilets and baby changes around the park. I’ve never eaten there, but there’s what looks to be a great restaurant and snack area. Instead, we normally take a picnic and eat in the outdoor picnic area on the field. I love having the option to take your own food it saves some money and suits picky eaters.

All in all, we had a fantastic day out and we’re sure to go back many times in the future.


stepping stones






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