Our Favouite Date Night Dinners

I’d say we eat with the kids most of the time. Then, occasionally, we put them to bed early having fed them turkey dinosaurs, secretly wishing we’d had them ourselves, and we cook one of these Date Night Dinners. Our kids eat most things, so most of these meals we could all eat together, but sometimes it’s nice to relax with a nice meal and a glass of wine and enjoy eating in peace without the kids throwing spaghetti around.

Now tomorrow is Valentine’s day. I’ve spent the last few weeks sharing some delicious Valentine’s cookies, cakes and brownies, but it’s occurred to me that perhaps people would also like to eat an actual meal! So, these are my favourite Date Night Dinners.


Husband cooks my steak perfectly. I never order it in restaurants anymore, because I know I can have better at home. Steak with a creamy peppercorn sauce, mushrooms, sweetcorn and salad or chips is top of our Date Night Dinners list. It’s what we have for special occasions and almost certainly what we’ll eat for our Valentine’s Dinner.


I love risotto. I could eat it all of the time, but it’s another thing that Husband does better than me, and I do most of the cooking. The kids like risotto, but we tend to stick to a basic chicken and veg for them. Then, for Date Night Dinners we tend to go for something a little more interesting. Maybe fish or mushroom.

Blue Cheese Pasta

I think the kids would probably eat this, but we haven’t actually tried. Me and Jim regularly have this for a Date Night Dinner, but me and my friend also make Jim cook it for us for girl’s nights! Tagliatelle with chicken, mushrooms and a creamy blue cheese sauce served with salad and garlic bread. Super super easy, tastes fantastic and fills you up for days.


Pan Fried Salmon with a Garlic and Lemon Butter served

The kids like tuna from a tin, and any kinda breaded fish, but that’s probably about it. So, we often have fish for date nights. Occasionally something light like salmon in lemon butter, but also big comforting fish pies or Mediterranean stews.

Whatever we eat, there’s cheesecake or another yummy dessert for after and a bottle of wine. Fizzy for a proper special occasion. Eating as a family is exceptionally important, but so is spending time relaxing as a couple. Cooking is one of our favourite things to do together, and we’re always keen to try new things. What will you be eating for your Valentine’s dinner?


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