The Bobsy at 18 Months

Since I started writing these little Bobsy updates life seems to go much faster. I can’t believe it’s been a month since 17 months. In some ways, I feel she hasn’t changed too much, certainly on the surface. But, when I actually sit and think about it, she has taken big steps towards being a little girl.

She certainly looks older now she’s 18 months. Her hair has grown a lot. It’s still shorter on top from her pulling it out and eating it phase but the back is beautifully long and curly. She’s also losing the baby look completely. Her face looks much older and her expressions are very clear.


She could walk for miles. She’s so strong and adventurous. The strong is great, she never gets tired. The adventurous means she doesn’t go where you want her to at all.

18 months running

She has also this month developed a love of climbing. She’s still very short, so she struggles. But, she climbs on chairs, steps, into her toy box, into cupboards, the washing machine, basically any climbing she can do. But, only at home. We take her to a soft play and she’ll spend an hour stepping up and down one tiny step and not go anywhere else.


climbing on step


We finally have “mama” to go with “dada”! She still doesn’t say many other words but she’s getting close and she clearly knows what she means. When visiting my Mum’s, she fell in love with their cat. She’d follow him constantly saying “ca ca” and she wanders off to the bathroom shouting “ba ba”.

Bobby smiles


We’ve had a few bad sleep nights this month, which is rare. But, she started teething very late and now seems to be catching up. They are all coming in at once so I guess a few bad nights is understandable.

The morning nap is long gone, with the afternoon nap now being anywhere between 1 and 3 hours.


The Bobsy loves to colour and sits playing with her toys very happily. She’s started enjoying slightly more grown up toys like Duplo and The Boys old train tracks. Which is nice because we have enough wooden train track to build a branch line to Manchester.



Having always been a great eater it’s come as something of a surprise that she’s got a little fussier. She’s not eating much at breakfast time. We thought maybe she was just getting bored of the same cereal every day so tried a few different ones. She picks at them, but rarely eats a full bowl.

Then she’s gone off bread. Which, weirdly The Boy also did at around the same age. She’ll still eat toast, and dip bread in soup. But she doesn’t like sandwiches. The Boy was like this for about 3 years which made lunch a challenge.


We’re considering putting her into a nursery for a day a week when things settle down for us a little bit more. I don’t hugely need it, as I work from home. But I get a lot more done without her and I think a regular day with a group of kids would be good for her now she’s 18 months. What do you think?

Two Tiny Hands

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6 thoughts on “The Bobsy at 18 Months”

  • Ahh she’s getting bigger! Love that cheeky face. That’s good that she’ll walk for miles, I enjoy that aspect with Robert, it’s slow but I think it tires them out. I don’t know the answer with the nursery for you, at 22 months we don’t do it ourselves but we have regular friends at toddler groups who he interacts with! If that helps lol.
    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    • I think that’s it, I’m crap at the toddler groups thing so she rarely spends time in a group. We go to one occasionally but as I work freelance it always depends what I’ve got on.

      Totally never occurred to me that The Robot had a real name. Much like Bobsy!

  • Such a long time ago for me now – my eldest is now 18 yrs not 18 months but it is a memorable moment! So glad you are enjoying every minute. It was one of my favourite times. #familyfun

  • Shes so cute. And clever. We sent Molly to nursery for a couple of afternoons because she was really clingy and wouldn’t mix with other kids when I took her to playgroups. It broke my heart at first but it was for the best. Shes come on so much and doesn’t even look back at me when I drop her off anymore haha. #familyfun

    • That’s what Robyn is like. Even with people she knows she can be very shy for the first bit of seeing them. My plan has always been to send her to the nursery at Michael’s school. But she can’t go until the term after she is 2, so next January. I think it all depends whether I can find somewhere near by with space. As I have to do school run at 9 and 3, it won’t be worth it if I have to travel for long to get there

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