The Bobsy at 17 Months

I don’t really understand where the last month has gone, to be honest. It has passed so ridiculously quickly and The Bobsy has changed so much. A few months ago, I thought about what The Boy was doing when he got to 17 months. That was around when me and his Dad split up, and me and The Boy moved to a new house.

This meant he went into a proper bed and didn’t have a highchair anymore, as there didn’t seem much point buying them when we moved. He was also walking more places and feeding himself. When I thought about this a few months ago, I couldn’t see how The Bobsy would be at the same place at 17 months. But, for the most part she is. That period between 14 and 17 months seems to be one of huge development for my kids.



The Bobsy, just like The boy at this age is now completely feeding herself with a spoon or fork. Without too much mess I’m happy to say. She’ll still eat absolutely everything. The only big difference is that she still needs a highchair. She will sit still on a normal chair to eat, but she’s so short that she can’t get on and off or reach the table like the giant Boy could.


She’s developed a great love of trying to steal mummy’s tea and coffee. It’s crazy, she sneaks up and tries to take it all the time. The Boy has never been fussed about tea but she’s obsessed with it.



She still goes to bed quite happily at around 6:30-7 and sleeps soundly for 12 hours. The morning nap has vanished for the most part with just the occasional one when she’s been busy. The afternoon nap has stretched to 2 hours to compensate but it doesn’t seem to be affecting bedtime, so that’s fine.


She’s starting to play with things properly if that makes sense. As they are meant to be played with. She’ll put the happyland men in the bus and push it to the house. Her understanding has grown and she knows what she’s doing. She loves looking at her books and colouring, her favourite toy is still her Jelly bear. She’s currently very fond of spinning around until she gets dizzy and falls over and trips to the park


We’ve also been swimming this month for the first time for probably 9 months. When she was very small, maybe 4 months, I started taking her swimming. But, she’d get so cold. Within 5 minutes of being in the pool the lifeguards would be blowing whistles at us thinking she was freezing to death. We tried different swim suits and moving her around but nothing helped. So, I stopped taking her. It’s a long journey on the tram and expensive for 5 minutes in the pool.

swimmingI wish I’d carried on. She doesn’t go purple anymore but she hated it! I’ll be trying again after the school holidays when it’s quieter again. Any tips would be much appreciated.


She wants to walk everywhere. She hates being carried or going in the pram. Which can be a bit of a pain. But, she rarely gets tired, and can happily walk for long distances.

Climbing has appeared too. Neither of them were massive climbers early on. I remember going to soft play with my friends and by one all their kids climbed on everything. Neither of mine have until closer to 18 months.


Talking is the one area I think The Boy was more advanced. By this point, he said quite a few words clearly. The Bobsy doesn’t say many yet, but the ones she knows she uses correctly. We have “mama” “dada” “byebye” and “ball”, with lots and lots of mumbling in between. She’s very chatty and will happily sit and talk to Jelly for hours.

All in all, a bit less of a pain than last month I think. The only major drama was a few days ago when she somehow managed to climb out of the cot! I’m very much looking forward to watching her enjoy the outdoors in the coming months.

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2 thoughts on “The Bobsy at 17 Months”

  • She is so cute. Molly has suddenly become terrified of the swimming pool for some reason. Maybe because its deep but that had never been an issue before. My cousin, a former swimming instructor, suggested playing games when there and blowing bubbles in the water. We’ve had Molly blowing bubbles in the bath so her face gets right in there and shes loved it. The test will be trying it at the pool though.. ☺

    • Aww thanks for the tip. Robyn absolutely loves the bath. I’m hoping it’s just a bit…big and overwhelming. Going to try again next week

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