The Bobsy at 16 Months

Now, regular readers will know, from previous updates, that The Bobsy is an angel. This last week however, The Bobsy has not been an angel. She has been an absolute terror! She is quickly becoming a strong willed little lady. Hunky Husband and Bobsy’s Nan, both seem to think she may have got this from me. I’m not sure how they have got such a foolish idea! I’m slightly worried “The terrible twos” are starting at 16 months!


At 16 months, she still eats wonderfully. And feeds herself with a fork remarkably well. Spoons are a bit baffling for her. She does that thing I’m sure most toddlers do, where she scoops fine, but somehow manages to tip the spoon over on its way to her mouth, losing all the food. She doesn’t like being fed now, at all, as she’s remarkably independent.

I have noticed recently that she likes sitting in a normal chair when she is fed. The Boy was the same at her age, but he was much taller, so could climb on and off himself, and feed himself from a plate on the table. The Bobsy is a shorty, so cannot reach the table. This means she must battle the desire to sit in the grown-up’s chair, against her need to feed herself. So, most of the time she’s still in her highchair thanks to her tiny little legs.



She still quite happily toddles off to bed when she gets tired at around 7, sometimes earlier. But, she has started waking up in the night again. Often at around 10. Some nights she’ll just have a cuddle and go back to sleep, others she has a drink and is up for a while. At first, we thought maybe teething, but I’m not sure if perhaps it’s just a habit she’s fallen into.

She has started sleeping until around 7:30 though, which is great. When she does wake earlier, she sits in her cot looking at a book for a while quite happily.

We have this week I think finally dropped the morning nap. She hasn’t been having them every day for a while, but I think they have now gone forever. She is having a giant afternoon nap though. Going down at about 1, after lunch, and not normally waking until just before the school run at 3. She’s a bit funny with naps, in the morning, she wakes up perfectly cheery. After a nap, she wakes up unbearably grumpy, and can cry for an hour! However, I hate waking up from a nap, it always makes me feel really groggy and ill, so I assume she feels the same.


16 months playing

She’s spent literally hours the last few days, passing 2 sprouts, between different Tupperware pots. She likes organising things. To allow her to organise things, she also likes to make a giant mess. She can open the cupboard locks, so she sits and empties the entire kitchen food cupboard, just to put it all in again. Funny, funny, pain in the bum!

16 month


She loves to walk. To the point that she screams and screams when she’s in the pram or being carried. She wants to walk everywhere. But, she walks where she wants to. Not where I want to. With her tiny little legs making her incredibly slow. I’m thinking of investing in some reins.

She’s walked outside more over the last few weeks. I found that because she started walking in winter, and we don’t have a garden, she hasn’t had much chance for outside walking. But, as the weather has improved, we’ve let her. She was absolutely terrified of the grass. She just didn’t understand it. It was so funny to watch her take a little tentative step on, and then jump back off, until she got used to it. And by “got used to it” I mean, until we picked her up and put her down in the middle of a field.

walking on grass


She says “ball” very well, whilst running around with a ball. She also says “no” a lot!! As well as a few other words. But, its mainly still exceptionally cute baby mumbling, which I love to bits. I think at 16 months, The Boy said more, but still just random words.

In other developments, she threw herself to the floor earlier, and started crying kicking her legs. Bobsy’s first tantrum! Basically, The Bobsy at 16 months, is very much a full blown toddler.


playing in park


My Petit Canard
Two Tiny Hands

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10 thoughts on “The Bobsy at 16 Months”

  • I love reading baby/toddler updates! She is absolutely adorable especially her organising game – super cute! Looking forward to all those moments when my son gets to 16 months ? #MarvMondays

    • It is lovely isn’t it? I love all of the funny mumbling they do, and the really overly dramatic facial expressions. She’s just learnt “ooh noo” so she keeps throwing stuff, or herself, just so she can shout “oooooh nooooo!”

  • She is so cute. She sounds a lot like Molly. Molly is a huge fan of organising things too. She’s forever taking things out of one box, putting them in other, and then back into the first. She keeps her little self entertained for ages haha. ?

  • These tantrums make me yell sometimes.But then I take deep breaths and reminds myself to maintain the cool. She is cute. My Toddler loves water game- transferring water through diff utensils . It engage him for an hour. Here through #familyfun

  • Yes I found the toddler dom to hit around then too. It’s still very much still here at 2.5. It’s lovely to read she eats well, I often struggle with mu eldest and it can be such a stress! She sounds like a lovely little girl lovey and thanks for sharing at #familyfun x

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