The Bobsy at 15 Months

I’ve written this whole post as “14 months” then realised she’s actually very nearly 15 months. I am an awful parent that doesn’t know how old my children are! Oh dear. I think it’s partly denial. I just can’t believe she is already 15 months. It’s not until you stop and think, that you realise just how much they’ve changed. In the last 3 months Bobsy has become a proper full blown toddler. She is no longer my baby, she is well on her way to becoming a little girl. Here is a look at what she’s been up to.


Bobsy crawled at around 7 months, stood up and started cruising soon after. So, we were prepared for some quite early steps. While she did take her first solo steps at 11 months, she didn’t start walking. When the boy was 11 months, he took his first steps, then that was it, he walked everywhere. But, he had never crawled. The Girl, took the odd step, but generally kept on crawling. I think because she was so good at it, she didn’t need to walk.

At around 13 months, she walked across the room to get to Granddad. She didn’t even seem to realise she was doing it. She hasn’t stopped since, and now can run across the room. In that ridiculously cute way they do with their arms waving in the air! However, she is now so fiercely independent that she doesn’t want to be in the pram or carried, she wants to walk. And, never where mummy wants her to walk. She’s an explorer.

15 months walking


The Bobsy eats everything. Absolutely everything, and a lot of it. I’ve got no idea how much she weighs, and I don’t really care. She looks in proportion, and she’s incredibly strong and healthy, that’s all that matters. She loves poached eggs, fruit, toast, cheese, yogurts, and eats exactly the same as we do. I can’t think of a single thing she hasn’t enjoyed. But to be fair, the only things I don’t like are cucumber and celery, which is evil, and the boy loves everything but cheese, so it isn’t hugely surprising.

We did have a tiny bit of trouble with milk. I breastfed until 8 months, then she had formula. When it came to cow’s milk when she turned one, she would sip it, but not drink a full cup. So, we brought her some of the cow and gate 1-2 years’ milk for a month, which seemed to be a middle ground for her. She now loves cow’s milk.

Her independence also shows itself with eating, and she’s already incredibly proficient when it comes to feeding herself with a fork.

15 months eating


She’s been a good sleeper for a while now. At 15 months she goes to bed quite happily at about 6:30. If she’s tired she’ll go get her favourite bear and walk off to her bedroom. She has started waking at 6am, but I’m reluctant to put her to bed later. If she goes to bed at 6:30, me and The Boy have an hour reading alone together before he goes to bed. At 6 I think he could perhaps handle 8pm bedtime, but we are finally getting somewhere with his bed wetting, so I’m not going to make changes yet.

Napping isn’t always great. If we are at home, she sometimes naps 10-11 and 2-3. Or, she will refuse the 10am nap, and go 1-2:30 ish, which is fine. But, when we are out, she doesn’t want to nap. I think she thinks she’ll miss something exciting, she just wants to be a part of everything.

15 months sleeping


She mumbles away to herself all the time. And makes noises, that have clear meaning. She’ll point at things and say “there” or “that” if she wants something. She says “mam” “da” “bye” and “gone” also. Words appear in her mumbles quite often, but not clearly.


She plays so incredibly well for 15 months. While I’m working from home, she will sit happily playing. She is very sweet too. She feeds her dolls and her animals, cuddles them, and wraps them up for naps. She clearly understands what you say to her, if I say “where is jelly?” she will go and get him. She loves drawing and colouring, and will sit happily with coloured pencils or her aquadoodle.

15 months playing

Bobsy, basically, is the most perfectly behaved child! I feel very lucky every day, to have such a wonderful little lady!


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    • Hunky husbands got 2 others who eat nothing. So believe me I know how lucky I am! The Boy was the same as a baby, now he doesn’t like cheese, but will still eat anything else

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