Board Game Review: 5 Second Rule and Googly Eyes

University games recently sent me a couple of their board games to have a go at and review, after I got a little try at BlogOn. You can read my full disclaimer here, but in all honesty, if they were rubbish, I’d tell you!

We love a board game. Me and husband quite regularly turn the tv off, open a bottle of wine and spend the night playing games. We’ve got serious games, as well as funny ones. The Boy is also quite fond of a board game. His favourites so far have been the junior versions of old classics, like Junior Monopoly and Cluedo.

University games sent me 5 Second Rule and Googly eyes. Both of which looked like great fun at the conference. While I was excited to get stuck in, to be honest, I’m always a little relucent to buy this kind of game. They’re recommended for 7/8+ and 3/4+ players. The Bobsy is still too young, so usually, there is just the 3 of us playing. And, while The Boy is nearly 7, his concentration span isn’t great. So, while I know we’d have great fun with them at Christmas, and when we’ve got visitors, I’m always worried about how much use they’ll get the rest of the time.

board game boxes

Googly Eyes

google eyes set upGoogly eyes is a team game for 4-16 players and recommended for 7 years plus. So, when The Boy, Husband and I first tried it out, we fit none of these brackets. But you know what? We had a fantastic time. The Boy swapped teams, so he always got to have a go. And while we needed to give him a little help, he got most of it and did fine.

The Boy in google eye glasses

The idea of the game is pretty simple. You roll a dice, move to a coloured space and pick a card. The colour of the space you land on determines which lenses you need to put in the glasses. They range from mildly distorted vision to “omg where is the paper?!”. The card tells you what you need to draw and your time limit.

The Boy drawing

You then put the glasses on and try to draw what your card named, while your team guesses what it is.

Husband google eye glasses

Our drawings left much to be desired, although, I think my Harry Potter was excellent! But, it’s such great fun. We all laughed and had a brilliant time playing.

google eye drawing
Harry Potter, obviously!

It’s a great game for messing about with the kids, even if there isn’t enough of you to form teams. In proper teams, it would be a great Pictionary type game, and I can see groups of adults really enjoying it once the kids have gone to bed on Christmas day!

ice cream parlour picture
Ice Cream parlour

I highly recommend this game, for adults and older kids alike. It’s a proper family game that lets you laugh at yourself.

5 Second Rule

5 second rule game board

5-second rule is 3 players or more and recommended age 8 plus. Unlike googly eyes, which The Boy loved, this one I’d say stick to the recommended age. He had a go, and he did enjoy it, but there were quite a few questions that he was unsure about.

The basic rules are simple. You get 5 seconds to answer a question on a card. The questions all start “name 3 things”.  If you get it right, you move forward a place. However, despite this simple premise, it does get a little bit complicated. If you can’t-do it, the next person gets a turn, and so on, until it gets back to the first person again or someone gets it right. I realise this isn’t actually that confusing, but I found I wasn’t sure who’s turn it was half of the time. Husband understood perfectly though, so perhaps that was just me!

As I say, it was a little old for The Boy. Some questions he was okay with, but others he hadn’t got a clue, and he got a bit frustrated. Me and Husband loved it. Like googly eyes, I can see this being great fun once the kids are in bed. Especially when “name 3 things you haven’t told your mum” comes out!


I would happily buy Googly eyes now, we all absolutely loved it. If your kids are a little younger, I’d say go for it. It’s fantastic fun for adults and children alike.

5 Second Rule was fun, but ours will probably sit on the shelf for a year or so, apart from when my parents visit! I will, however, look forward to playing again when The Boy is a bit older. If you want something that you can play with younger kids, there is a junior version.

In short, 2 brilliant family games that would make great Christmas presents for the whole family to enjoy. Just make sure you send me your Googly Eye pictures, so mine don’t seem quite as bad!


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