Basic No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

I’m not great at cheesecake. My no bakes work pretty well, but I cannot bake one at all. They go all funny! Even when it comes to no-bake, I tend to try to keep it simple. I stick to really basic recipes with as few ingredients as possible, like this Basic No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake. It’s rich and creamy, sweet and soft, with a crunchy base. It’s pretty perfect really. And, super super simple.Chocolate Cheesecake topped with strawberries

It is quite a rich flavour, so I tend to keep it quite thin. When I make a lemon cheesecake I pile tons of cheesecake mix on to the biscuit base and it’s wonderful. With this dark chocolate cheesecake mix, I think that would make me sick. So, I just add quite a thin layer.

Top Basic No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

I also use really cheap ingredients. Sometimes, I think using quality ingredients makes a meal. It really changes the taste and adds something extra. But, with other things, I don’t think it matters too much. Like a cheap cut of meat in a slow-cooked stew filled with veggies and potatoes is wonderful. Using really high cocoa content dark chocolate would change the taste of this Basic No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake. But, I’m not the world’s biggest dark chocolate lover. I’m like the opposite of a chocolate snob, Galaxy is a fancy as I get. So, I prefer this cheap. I used Asda Smartprice soft cheese which is about 40p and Aldi’s dark chocolate. Please feel free to use fancy ingredients if you want to, but honestly, this cheap and cheerful Chocolate Cheesecake is rich and full of flavour, so use what you’ve got or what you can afford.

Sliced Chocolate Cheesecake with strawberries

Because it’s quite a rich flavour, I added some chopped strawberries and grated milk chocolate to the top. The strawberries add a lovely juicy sweetness which compliments the chocolate perfectly. You can absolutely make it without, but I find they just finish it off nicely. Raspberries would also work really well if you prefer.

Sliced Rich Chocolate Cheesecake

The Recipe

Looking for an easy, quick and fabulous dessert? This Basic No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake is the one!

Basic No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

A rich and tasty chocolate cheesecake topped with strawberries.
Prep Time30 mins
Setting time2 hrs
Total Time30 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: British
Keyword: cheesecake, chocolate
Servings: 10 People
Calories: 360kcal
Author: Donna


For the base:

  • 200 g Digestives – Crushed
  • 50 g Butter – Melted

For the Topping:

  • 120 ml double cream
  • 200 g Cream Cheese
  • 120 g Caster Sugar
  • 2 tbsp Cocoa
  • 150 g Dark Chocolate
  • 4 Strawberries - Optional


  • Mix the melted butter with the biscuit crumbs, until they are all coated.
  • Tip into a loose-bottomed cake tin and press down until flat.
  • Place in the fridge while you mix the topping.
  • Melt the chocolate with the cocoa in a small pan over a low heat.
  • Set to one side to cool to room temperature.
  • Beat together the cream cheese and caster sugar.
  • Whisk the double cream until it’s thick and fluffy.
  • Pour the cream cheese and sugar into the cream and fold gently.
  • Pour in the cooled melted chocolate and fold gently until smooth.
  • Tip onto the biscuit base and spread until even.
  • Leave in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours.
  • Top with chopped up strawberries if using, and finely grated milk chocolate.


  • I put the melted chocolate in the fridge to cool it faster.
  • The tin I use is a loose bottomed flan tin that’s 10”.

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