Awesome Organix Treats

We recently got sent some lovely Organix treats to try. Frankly, they did not last long!

We’re very lucky to have two fantastic eaters. When it comes to meal times, they eat the same as us (except for date nights!) and love trying new things. However, I must admit that snacks can be a bit of a challenge. They both love all different kinds of fruit. But, as we all know, it’s nice to have something different occasionally.

The Boy I find especially tricky. He’s at that age where he knows that he can’t have chocolates and cakes all the time and so he wants them! But then, we all want something a little naughty occasionally don’t we?

The great thing about Organix products is that they taste good enough that they kids think they’re much naughtier than they actually are and will be begging you for more.

The Products

Organix do a huge range of treats for different age groups. We were sent a multipack of Mini Gingerbread Men for Bobsy and some Punk’d Bars for The Boy.

organix treats

I was also sent some great recipe ideas. Which are fantastic ways to get the kids to eat more healthy snacks if you are struggling. However, mine eat anything put in front of them so were literally picking the fruit off the plate as we were positioning it so ours didn’t go very well but I’ll share the recipe for Gingerbread Man Winners at the end of this post.

Organix also sent me some great recipe ideas for picnic foods for kids. Now the sun is shining we might have a go at a few, so watch out for these posts in the future.

What We Thought

We’ve had the Gingerbreads a few times before and love them. The Bobsy used to make a huge mess with them when she was littler but now enjoys tipping them out and putting them back into the bag as she eats them. She also likes to have a cheeky go at dipping them in Mummy’s tea the monster.


The Boy loves these too. For a long time, gingerbread has been one of his favourite treats. We always make absolutely loads at Christmas and buy him a sneaky Gregg’s Gingerbread man when we’re out. These are a much healthier alternative but unfortunately, he’d eat about 10 bags now.

The Punk’d bars we thought were awesome.

As I mentioned it’s The Boy I struggle with when it comes to snacking. He does love fruit and veg but always asks for chocolate and sweet treats. The Punk’d bars are healthy oaty bars but in a chocolate orange flavour so he thinks they’re chocolate bars. I even managed to convince myself it was a hobnob and enjoyed one with a cup of tea.

the boy punks

The Punk’s bars are designed for older kids but The Bobsy really enjoyed them too so I think this is definitely something we would buy in the future. The Boy has school dinners, but when he goes on trips he takes a packed lunch. His school have quite a strict policy on what we’re allowed to include so these bars would be perfect for both keeping him and school happy!


Gingerbread Man Winners


  • 3 rectangle pieces of watermelon – 1 big, 2 smaller
  • ½ slice orange
  • 1 slice apple cut into 6 small triangles, 6 tiny rectangles and the number 1 shape
  • 3 Organix mini gingerbread men
  • 1 ½ blueberries – halved


  1. Place the watermelon pieces in a row at the bottom of the plate to form a winner’s podium, with the biggest piece in the middle.
  2. Place the orange slice at the top of the plate for the sun.  Add the apple triangles for sun rays.
  3. Stand the 3 gingerbread men on the podium. Arrange the tiny rectangles of apple as medal straps and top each with half of a blueberry for the medal.
  4. Finish with the apple number one on the central piece of watermelon.

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Organix Treats”

  • Molly used to love these gingerbread men. I dont think I’ve seen the punk’d bars before but I’ll have a look out for them ☺

    • I think they’re quite new. The lady I spoke to said they were trying to find something for older kids. Although, to be honest I think Bobsy liked them more.

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