Autumn Scavenger Hunt

The Plan

Today we spent a lovely morning in the park. I printed some scavenger hunt sheets out from The Woodland Trust. They’ve got lots of really fun, simple activities for all seasons. You can filter them by age, season and activities type (crafts, outdoors etc) so it’s very easy to go on and find something to do in any weather. A scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to get everyone outside and learning about nature. Seasonal ones are especially good fun, as kids get to really explore the natural changes a new season brings, and appreciate the differences, not only in temperature.


The Scavenger Hunt

We all put on our coats and pumps and off we went trekking (as much as you can with a pram) through the park. I normally try and get the boy to stick to the path and not pick things up, so he was really excited to get to go in the really muddy bits and pick everything up! To be honest though, he didn’t get as messy as I’d expected. Maybe I should start letting him explore a little more.

14482265_669782033180600_6115082790032637952_nWe found so many conkers, which he was excited about. I’m not sure why but I don’t think he’s ever played with one. That doesn’t really seem to be a thing anymore. Probably because health and safety rules in schools mean they aren’t allowed. That said, I don’t remember playing conkers when I was younger either. So perhaps it hasn’t been a trend for a long time.

We also found lots of different kinds of leaves. It was really good to have a sheet to identify them all as it’s not something I know much about. It was a great way for him to practice his adjectives as well. Describing to me all the different things he’d found, which is something they’ve been doing at school this week.

We’ve also collected lots of nice brown leaves, which once they’ve dried out we will use to make a hedgehog picture.

The girl slept the whole time. The boy absolutely loved it and I  think anything that stops him asking for his tablet for a few hours is fantastic. The only downside was us getting rained on on our way home.

boy holding leaf and twig


My Petit Canard

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9 thoughts on “Autumn Scavenger Hunt”

  • I love the idea of doing this and would love to do something similar with our little one. Having those sheets that you can print out is so helpful! I’ll definitely be taking a look at those and printing off a few of our own 🙂 So useful, thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

    • Thank you. It’s a really great resource for anything outdoorsy, there’s loads of christmas stuff i’m looking forward to trying

  • This is a brilliant idea id like to do somethings like this with my two, but perhaps when they’re a bit older. It’s definitely a great activity to do with them. This is one of the reasons I love blogging as you pick up so many hints and tips. Thank you for sharing this with us at #familyfun xx

  • What a brilliant idea and he looks so excited! THere is nothing better than getting out doors with the kids, no wonder he did’t want his tablet for a few hours. Nowyt ike getting muddy! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun.

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