What We Ate Week Ten

After all the kid’s stuff last week, this week was a little more grown up. We’re very lucky that the kids will eat nearly anything, so we can all eat together (which I think is super important!) and still get a fantastic, varied diet.

Monday – Haggis Meatballs

Haggis Meatballs in a Creamy White Wine and Parmesan Sauce

We tried Haggis for the first time this year. I love it. Like proper proper love. It’s so easy to cook with because it already has so much flavour. We started with a Haggis Cottage Pie with Swede and Potato Mash, then had a go at Haggis Meatballs with Creamy White Wine and Parmesan Sauce. It made about a million meatballs, so this was a portion we had frozen.

Tuesday – Gammon

I really like gammon. We don’t have it very often, and I don’t know why! We tend to stay simple and serve it sliced with Sweet Potato Wedges and corn. The kids love corn, especially on the cob, they’d eat it forever.

Perhaps it’s time to try and do something new with Gammon?! Keep an eye out!

Wednesday – Goulash

Served Beef Goulash

I think I’ve made Goulash lots of times, without ever realising that it was goulash! Such a flavoursome and warming stew, absolutely perfect on a cold winter night. We serve with mashed potato, but bread would work too.

Thursday – Salmon

Pan Fried Salmon with a Garlic and Lemon Butter served

As part of my mission to try and eat healthier foods, I made salmon. Then, I put absolutely loads of butter in my garlic and lemon butter dressing. So, it wasn’t very healthy at all. But, it was amazing! We had ours with asparagus and new potatoes.

Friday – Sweet and Sour

Served Sweet and Sour Pork

Well. Friday. Oh, Friday. I didn’t feel very well, so I left husband to look after the kids and cook tea. Husband who is a head chef. Husband made a somewhat terrible sweet and sour. He missed the pineapple out, which is surely the best bit, and added loads and loads of ketchup and no actual sugar. If you want a sweet and sour, make mine instead!

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