What We Ate Week Eight

I’ve been so bad at meal planning lately, and for the most ridiculous reason ever! While you are reading this in January, I’m writing it in December (Happy New Year!), because I like to publish them a few weeks later, so I’ve got a chance to publish and link back to any new recipes I’ve used. So, all my shops are filled with Christmas treats. Both for us, and ingredients for my homemade gifts.

So, I’m trying to save money. The whole point of meal planning is to save money, but while I’m doing it, I go the other way and just order the basics with no planning at all. FYI, this doesn’t actually work, and we end up popping to Asda every day. Having realised this, I’m going back to planning things out and organising myself a little better.

Monday – Spaghetti Bolognese 

Mondays are our busiest day. I work pretty much all day, aside from school runs. The Boy also has an after-school club, so we’re not home until nearly 5, and everything always feels a little rushed. This means that Monday had become a bit of a leftovers day. I try to have something frozen that I can just throw in the oven. It’s often leftover portions of cottage pie or spaghetti Bolognese that we’ve had another day. This week was Bolognese. We added courgettes for a change, they worked really well.

Tuesday – Pork and Chorizo Casserole

Pork and Chorizo Casserole Served

Tuesday’s, I have a little more time, and I’m at home for most of the day, so it’s the perfect chance to try something that needs to be in the oven for a long time or has a lot of stages within the cooking process. This week we had Pork and Chorizo Casserole. Perfect on a cold day. We had snow this week, so it really was gorgeous to tuck up with a warming casserole.

Wednesday – All of the Food!

We had a takeaway on Wednesday. Chinese. And Prosecco. It was good!!

Thursday – Jacket Potatoes!

Husband and I went out on Thursday, so we were a little short on time. We’d had leftover Chinese for lunch though so didn’t fancy anything huge (and we had to leave room for nachos!) We had jacket potatoes with cheese and beans, which I’ve got to say is one of my favourites! We cook them for around 90 minutes in the oven.

Friday – Steak Pie

Fridays are often a try something new day. But, this week we went for good old steak and ale pie. Husband makes it himself, so it’s absolutely packed with meat, as steak pies should be!

Here for a Printable PDF Shopping List


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