3 Ways You Can Make Your Family Home Bigger

It goes without saying that once we’ve found a family home, we don’t really want to leave it. Packing up all our things and moving someplace else is an awful lot of effort, particularly when you have a family.

However, there are times where your current home might not be as practical as it once was. For example, you may have a new child on the way and need to make the house bigger. So, you may believe the only option is to move to a bigger home, but this isn’t true. As an alternative, you can make improvements to your home that make it larger and more spacious. Thus, no one has to move anywhere, and you can bring a new child into your home without worrying about how much space you have.

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Obviously, the question you’re wondering is what home improvements can make your family home bigger? You’ve got a few options to consider, and I’ve listed them below:

Ground Floor Extension

A ground floor extension is often seen as a ‘typical’ extension. This is where you build an extra room on the ground floor of your house. Some people don’t like this idea as it can eat into your garden space. However, you don’t have to extend backwards, you can also extend to the side of your house if you wanted. It provides an extra room, extra space, and makes life more comfortable. Be warned, a project like this can be fairly expensive. It’s worth looking for quotes as you may end up needing a loan to cover the costs. However, in most cases, you should be able to finance it yourself.

Upper Floor Extension

As well as your typical ground floor extension out into the garden or to the side of your house, you can also opt for an upper floor one. This is where you extend your house upwards by building an additional floor on top of your house. It will create loads of extra space, there’s just one drawback; it’s a big project. You’ll probably have to get a personal loan to cover the costs as it can be very expensive. If you have bad credit, you’re probably already ruling this option out, but you shouldn’t as there are bad credit loans out there. What are personal loans for people with bad credit? They’re loans that you can apply for if you have a poor credit history, which will enable you to finance these projects. Therefore, this idea is still open to just about anyone that might find it helpful. It’s a great idea if you need lots of extra space and your family already feels cramped without the new arrival.

Room Conversion

Finally, you have the simplest and cheapest idea; convert an existing room into something else. Primarily, I’m talking about an attic or basement conversion. If you’re not getting any use out of these rooms, you should convert them into an extra bedroom or something you will use. It’s the cheapest idea, and you won’t have to worry about financing here as a lot of the work you can do yourself.

There you have it; three easy ways you can make your family home bigger through home improvements. Consider them if you have a new baby on the way and desperately need some extra space.



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