10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood

My lovely friend Sarah at A Mundane Life has tagged me in the Rocking Motherhood tag. So, I’ve had to sit down and think of 10 ways I’m rocking motherhood. I think most of us are rocking motherhood in our own way (well, not some of those mum’s you see in the Daily Mail), and I firmly believe that there is no right way to do it. Some might read mine and think “that’s not right”, but it works for us!

The Rocking Motherhood tag was started by White Camellias in 2016 and asks mums to list 10 ways they are rocking motherhood. The tag goes on to say that once you have listed your 10 ways, you should tag 3-5 other bloggers to also do this tag. I think a lot of my favourite bloggers, and friends have already done it…I’m not great with tags. So, I’m just tagging Sam from Stressymama. As if you have done it, I haven’t seen it!!

#1 I have 3 Decent Meals a Day

I didn’t think this was a thing until other mums started saying they only managed 1. I couldn’t cope. We eat 3 proper home cooked, filling meals every day.

#2 I Work from Home

…Without killing anyone! I somehow manage to work from home, without childcare, quite successfully. I might not always but at the moment it’s working. I think any mum that manages to stay at home with kids for long periods of time, whether that be a WAHM SAHM or working mum on her day off, without killing anyone rocks!

#3 I co-parent Well

It hasn’t always been easy. But we’ve worked through our problems and have a great relationship. We all get on well. I still see other members of my ex’s family. The Boy has 4 parents that love him and like each other. To the point that he thinks The Girl misses out only having two.

#4 I Exercise

For a long time, this is the thing I struggled to fit in. OR perhaps avoided. But, when I do I feel much better for it. So, it’s now something I actively try to fit into my days. I think it not only makes me a healthier mum but also a more relaxed one.

#5 I’ve Never Done the School Run in My PJ’s

Admittedly, I don’t always do it. Hunky Husband starts work at 10 some days, so he does it. Then The Boy stays at his Dads two days. But, when I do, I’m dressed!

#6 We Eat Really Well

Not just that we have 3 meals. But, we cook great food. Nutritious, full of vegetables, filling and fresh. We try different things. We love food and we do it well. We’re very lucky that the kids aren’t remotely fussy and will try everything.

the boy eating

#7 We Read

The kids always get a bedtime story. The Girl has stories in the day time too, and The Boy reads to me after school. We all love reading and our house is full of books.

the boy reading

#8 I Craft

I know this is a pretty normal thing. But, I’ve always hated crafting. Now it’s something we do and enjoy together. I love sitting with The Boy and thinking of things we can create from bits around the house. I’m awful at it. But we still rock!

toilet roll tube robots

#9 I’m Happy

This one was perhaps a long time coming. But all the things listed here, and others, have contributed to me becoming very happy. This makes me a great Mum!

#10 I Have 2 Happy, Healthy Children

This is the most important one of all. Both my kids are amazingly healthy, they never seem to get sick. I realise part of this is luck and their own immunities. But, I do my best to help. They were both breastfed (although I’m in no way anti-formula, except on my cereal. That’s not ok!!), they both eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg and get lots of sleep.

And they are happy. They don’t have everything they want, but they’ve got everything they need. They smile and laugh, every day.


Whether you’ve been tagged in this challenge or not, use this as a chance to think of all the reasons you rock motherhood. Because I’m absolutely 100% sure you do. Even on the days you sit in your pjs and watch Netflix all day.

Two Tiny Hands

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