10 Things I Hate About Winter

I hate winter. It’s alright, until Christmas. For a while, the cold, dark days, mean Christmas is approaching. There’s an excitement. The disgusting cold mornings are “fresh” the frost is “festive”, and there’s a hope of snow. Then, suddenly, Christmas is over. Its January. It’s vile!

winter lake

  • Dark. Yes, I like snuggling up in my pyjama’s at 4Pm. But, I’m an adult. I can do that in June if I want to!
  • Grey. Much worse than it getting dark early, are those day’s when it never seems to be light. It’s just grey. All the time!grey trees
  • Cold. I can’t stand being cold. I’m always cold. My fingers and toes feel like they might drop off from October to March. But…I sleep with the window open. I can’t even explain this. I’m freezing all day, like at home with the heating on, I can’t type my hands are so cold, freezing. Then I get in bed, and I’m absolutely boiling and have to have the window open. Then I wake up and am immediately freezing again.
  • Snow. I might not mind as much if we lived in a snowy country, and we were used to it. I’ve been to Austria skiing a few times and loved it. But, we don’t. We do not cope well with snow. Everything stops. The supermarkets sell out of bread at the mere mention, of what we know full well will be at most 3 inches. No one can drive. Public transport grinds to a halt, and it’s just massively inconvenient. I refuse to believe any British adult actually likes snow. It isn’t even pretty. If it snows at night, there is about 20 minutes next morning when it looks nice. Then it’s just disgusting grey sludge. All this said, when I see snow forecast, I feel a surge of excitement.
  • Layers. I like layers from fashion point of view. They look good. But how are you meant to move your arms properly?! Chasing a child around dressed like the Michelin man is awful.
  • Dirty Cars. Ours is absolutely the worst one. But, Husband drives it out to the middle of nowhere for work. So, there’s mud, and very little point in cleaning it. But I get dirty hands every time I open the boot.muddy car
  • Mud. I realise there is always mud. But in winter it’s never ending. Our flat is always covered in it from wheeling the pram in. Then there’s putting the muddy pram into the filthy car. It’s apparently impossible to do this without getting covered in mud myself.mud
  • Mould. It’s horrible! Our flat isn’t particularly well ventilated, and winter is a constant battle to remove the mould. I have got a very effective spray, but it comes back.
  • Sun. This is obviously a contradiction. But, I hate it when its sunny in winter. You look like a fool if you wear sunglasses, but you can’t see if you don’t!
  • My night time wee. So, I’ve had 2 kids. I can’t make it through the night. I get up for at least one night time visit to the toilet. I sleep with the window open. The second I leave that bed, I’m frozen. The toilet seat is an ice block. It’s horrible!
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10 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate About Winter”

  • I hate winter for all these reasons too! I can never seem to get the heating right in my house either – one minute I’m waking up in bed freezing, then the next I’m waking up sweating.
    I also don’t like the sun in winter, because it’s so low in the sky and makes driving difficult – especially going up hills or when you’re short like me and have to tilt your head at a stupid angle for the sun visor to be of any benefit.
    I think we need another event, (but less expensive than Christmas), to give us something else to look forward to and brighten up the post-Christmas winter days 🙂

    • There’s just so much winter after Christmas! My hearings never right! And it gives me a headache! So I put it on, the. About 20 mins later I’m al ‘turn the heating off its killing me!’ Then 10 mins after that I’m frozen

  • I’d love to see some snow to be able to say I didn’t like it. We’ve not had any for 6 years. On balance I much prefer summer but I quite like having the seasons in general. #MarvMondays

    • I do quite like it to start with. I like winter clothes! I suppose what I’d really like is a summer that lasted 6 months. 3 for spring, 2.5 for autumn, and a 2 week winter!

  • Im not the biggest fan of winter either, I enjoy it up to Christmas and then im totally over it. I cant wait till Spring finally arrives, for so many reasons like the ones you’ve mentioned – im fed up of the grey, and the mud and forever getting dirty opening and closing the car! Come on Spring 😉 Great post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

    • We’ve given up! I keep saying it needs cleaning, but husband drives through the countryside to get to work, so there’s really no point. Bring on March!

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